About Dare. Start.

Dare. Start.

We all have the desire to do something. Whether world peace or our personal joy depends on it, is a different story. There are many things that can get in the way of starting. There are times we need the courage to just dare. A moment of courage can change our lives and make the world a greater place.

Dare. Start. is about challenging you to do simply that: Dare. Start.

It is about inspiring you to be courageous enough to act. This could be for a new venture. Perhaps a change in course of your life. It might just be that you’ve been on a journey already. You’re tired. Perhaps afraid and in despair. You could be a point where you’re ready to throw in the towel.

You could be at a place where you feel there’s more courage in your past than present. Maybe you need help believing there’s still more. Perhaps you doubt you could do better than you have in the past.

Everyone has greatness in them. Some ideas that could change the world in an unprecedented haven’t seen the light of day. The reason: people like you and me are carry them but have done nothing. Whether it’s writing a book, starting a business, building a greenhouse…

Whatever it is, can never happen until you get started. Dare. Start. is dedicated to be a source of courage and inspiration. Sometimes you need a little extra encouragement to start. Dare. Start. is about getting you started, daring and flourishing.

Dare. Start. is about you flourishing.

When you flourish the world is better for it. There is no way your life doesn’t touch and inspire others to do the same. Expect blog posts, podcasts, newsletter etc. that challenge you to Dare. Expect things that will get you to Start.

Dare. Start. is also a community of people who aren’t happy with their status quo. It is about people sharing their journey as they fight their way through the ordinary and being stuck.

You have all it takes. Dare. Start.

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