Dare. Start.

Hello World

The customary hello world post is in order. This is usually an introductory one. In a sense, setting the tone. I’ve learnt that blogs evolving and the essence of the message unfolding. This attempt, will, in no way be comprehensive.

I’ll do my best to give a gist, of sort. In case you haven’t already, also check out the about page. It is also not entirely what Dare. Start. is about but sheds light on some of the aspects of this endeavour.

So, the mission of Dare. Start. is simple: inspire and challenge. It is about getting you to be the best you’ve ever been. Challenging you to Dare. To aspire for more. Do dream and go beyond dreaming, but to act.

Sometimes failure gets in the way of us daring again. We think or feel we can’t attempt another feat. Failure can also make you risk averse. Failure can make it seem

Success, like failure can push us into a corner. Causing us not to dare. Yes, our own success, can make a repeat or better seem daunting. Dare. Start. is about challenge you to not stop daring.

[bctt tweet=”Staying in ‘Dare. mode’ means you constantly get better. You and the world will always be better for it.”]

Oh, before the end of this ‘hello world’ post ends, I must remember Start.  Sometimes it is not accomplishments or attempts that stop us. The reason can be simple: we never got started.

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Great ideas, on their own, never changed anyone, let alone the world. It doesn’t matter whether your pursuit will have global reach or impact or bring joy for you only. You must start. “What if” can be living hell. The way to walk out of it is by starting.

Dare. Start. is about liberating you. It is about breaking shackles of inaction and fear so that you can flourish. You see, when you flourish you inspire and encourage others around you to do the same.

Dare. Start. is about a community of people getting unstuck. It is about us bringing dreams into reality. It is time to introduce yourself and dreams to the world. Hence, the post’s title, “hello world…”

It’s time for us to stop dreaming and start acting. It is time for us not to cower but to act.


  • What do you need courage for?
  • What do you wish you could start?

Hello world. Dare. Start.



By Blessing Mpofu

just a guy wanting you to be the best you, ever. Husband to Ingrid. Doing all I can to change the world.

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