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Month: March 2016

procrastination struggle is real

The Procrastination Struggle Is Real

A lot of things can get in the way of ‘the start’. A potentially potent dare reduced to a whimper by many things. One of those ugly monsters is procrastination. The procrastination struggle is real. Procrastination results in failure without attempt. Like the old saying goes: it is a thief of time. More than a thief of time, it is the death-knell to many ideas and ventures.

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the realm of excuses

The Realm Of Excuses

For any attempt, new or old, obstacles are inevitable. Expect them. Regardless of the endeavour, there are times you’ll feel like giving up. In fact, you will have many opportunities and real reasons to give up. Don’t. You will have enough material for excuses to throw in the towel. But how can you identify excuses? How do you tell that you’re getting yourself stuck in the realm of excuses? What is the nature of excuses?

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hello world

Hello World

The customary hello world post is in order. This is usually an introductory one. In a sense, setting the tone. I’ve learnt that blogs evolving and the essence of the message unfolding. This attempt, will, in no way be comprehensive.

I’ll do my best to give a gist, of sort. In case you haven’t already, also check out the about page. It is also not entirely what Dare. Start. is about but sheds light on some of the aspects of this endeavour.

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