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Month: May 2016

most important thing about your idea

The Most Important Thing About Your Idea

I don’t know anyone with more ideas than me. I’m not saying there aren’t people with amazing ideas, I’m just saying I’ve never met anyone as many documented ideas as I do. Maybe I don’t know enough people. I have been to startup meet-ups and met many people doing amazing things. I’m never short of ideas for them as well. From speaking to many people, and my own experiences, I conclude there is one most important thing about your idea.

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Always in Beta

Be Always In Beta

Beta, besides being the second letter in the Greek alphabet, it is also preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product. Having dabbled in development, from software to products andĀ services, itĀ is appropriate for life and leadership. I’m not sure how I settled on this phrase “always in beta” but it epitomizes my approach to life and leadership.

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