Beta, besides being the second letter in the Greek alphabet, it is also preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product. Having dabbled in development, from software to products and services, it is appropriate for life and leadership. I’m not sure how I settled on this phrase “always in beta” but it epitomizes my approach to life and leadership.

Being always in beta isn’t about never shipping. I have experience; I admit it is possible to be ensnared in the pursuit of the perfect. You can attempt to ship the perfect ‘product’ that the only impact you make is limited to your immediate surround. It is possible to never get to actually leading because you’re trying to be the perfect leader before you lead.

I’ve stalled on some life pursuits because I was trying to get perfect in my approach so my execution could be the same. I (over) prepared myself into inaction. Being always in beta is none of the above.

Being always in beta is about is living in the pursuit of better. It is about not settling. It is about recognising that you’ve already shipped, though functional, is still a work in progress. It means that you celebrate the milestones and what you’ve managed to accomplish but you’re constantly pushing yourself to reach for better.

Though you’ve accomplished something notable it is not the finished line. It means that you’re still testing and challenging the work and ideas you’ve put out. It is about being a student of your own work and the environment you aim to impact. You look at how your contribution needs to evolve to continue making impact.

If you’re going to make a lasting impact you must constantly evolve. From minor tweaks to major overhauls. Never be afraid of not meeting all your goals every time. Be more afraid of getting to a place where you hit all your goals. Never be afraid of change; be wary of getting to a place where you’re more focused on protecting and preserving the status quo.

When you’re always in beta, you’re always in pursuit of the better, the more. Never settle. Be in the healthiest place. Pushing boundaries with your personal development, your art, software, goals, whatever it is make sure you’re always in beta.

Always in beta; always a work in progress…