I don’t need to know much about you but I know you have a lot of ideas and resources. And, I know that there are things you wish you could do but, for many reasons, can’t. You have more dreams than you have resources. There’s a lot you don’t have. If you’re going to make progress you have to apply yourself in dealing with lack of resources.

Many people get stuck because of what they don’t have. But you don’t have to join the horde of the stuck.


What you focus on will determine where your energy and resources go. Obsessing on what you don’t have robs you of opportunities with what you do have. Don’t shift your focus from your mission. Focus on the wrong thing feeds procrastination. It will trip you up.

Still Do

You might not be able to do what you want to, but there is always something you can do. Shift your focus to what you have. You have resources you can do something with. You might not be able to take giant steps, but little steps are progress too. Rather settle for little progress than none.

Do something rather than nothing.


Collaboration is one of the most overlooked ways of dealing with lack of resources. Asking for help is not demeaning; pride is your enemy. You could be on the verge on mutually beneficial relationships. Reach out to people, they might also just be waiting for you. Stop making excuses; reach out.


When you don’t have what you wish you had or need, work on getting it. What do you need to do to get what you don’t have? Have you thought about that? What about going beyond just thinking about doing it and actually doing something to get it?

If you haven’t secured something, then apply yourself to getting it. A lot of what you want or need isn’t going to show up because you wish it to. You have to work at it.


So, on dealing with lack of resources…

Focus on what you have and what you can do with it. Do something small instead of nothing big. Seek out others; there might be some mutually beneficial relationships waiting for you. It is time to apply yourself; what should you do to get what you want or need.

Do something.

Dare. Start.

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