The last few years have been failure has been made cool. Many have made distinctions between failing and being a failure. The truth is there is no failure-free success. Failure is a critical part of the foundation for faulure. For sustained success you must encounter failure in success.

Failure is part of learning. Handled well, failure can be a great motivator. When we failure we learn how not to do something. Failure shows us where we need to get better. Some mistake pursuit of success with avoiding failure. You will encounter failure as you chase success.

It doesn’t make you a failure. It can make you better. This video has many parables about what it takes to do great things. Enjoy.

Perhaps your failure is not as useless as you thought. It is only wasted if you throw it away and learn nothing from it. The only way to get better at it is to stop fighting it. Embrace and study your failure. It will make you better. It will impact what you do and those you work with in a positive way.

It is not that you failed at something; it is what you do with it that matters.

Some people fail because they’re afraid of failing and never start. That road has more regrets than all others. Choose bruises with fulfilment instead of fear and the illusion of safety. Regrets are usually in that we never tried.

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Out of terrible manure, amazing flowers can bloom. (Cliche, but I’m sure you get the point.)  Push against the fear of failure. Failure in success is about getting up every time. Don’t live a life of regrets. Don’t let failure or the fear of failure stop you.

Dare. Start.

[image via the awesome Gratisography]