I don’t know anyone with more ideas than me. I’m not saying there aren’t people with amazing ideas, I’m just saying I’ve never met anyone as many documented ideas as I do. Maybe I don’t know enough people. I have been to startup meet-ups and met many people doing amazing things. I’m never short of ideas for them as well. From speaking to many people, and my own experiences, I conclude there is one most important thing about your idea.

One of the things that excite you when you think or feel you have a great idea is the potential impact. Whether you simply want to change the world like me, or disrupt an industry, I know you want to make significant waves. Your target, local or focus don’t matter much. The only reason you think your idea has value is the impact and return it could make.

The truth is you would never waste time entertaining or imagining what you could accomplish. You spend time visualising, vividly what crossing the finish line, the big win, would be like for you. People who give you a second can’t escape hearing about the impact you’re going to make. Just about everyone you meet ends up aware of how awesome things are going to be.

No one is left un-evangelised. This includes yourself. You obsess about your idea. You work on strategies, mind maps, draft documents, drawings, logo design, and domain purchases. Your plans are elaborate clear. You’re recruiting people for your world-changing endeavour, right?

Your idea is important. The thing about your idea though, is that it is only a raw material. Ore is important, but in its state, it is useless. You can’t have the beauty and the benefit of ore in its raw state. It has to go through a number of processes. Some of the excruciating. Intense; demanding great care, precision and power.

That’s the thing about your idea. All ideas are like ore. That is all they’re really are: ore. Ore is extremely valuable, but you have to work the value out of it. The most important thing about your idea is working it. It is getting started on it. The only value it will add is when you work it. You won’t know how or whether it will work until you do. Ideas alone can and will never change the world. Excuses about why you can’t get or won’t get started won’t change the world either.

Work it. The more you work on your idea the more valuable it is likely become. The impact of all the ideas you could have depends on the extent you work on them. This is also the best way to protect your ideas. The most important thing about your idea is the love and work you put into it. Dare. Start.

[image: unsplash]