No doubt: the procrastination struggle is real. Procrastination keeps us from daring, from starting and doing things that matter. As long as we live in the procrastination realm, we’ll never realise much, if anything. Action is the ultimate procrastination antidote. But we can’t get to it without a few practical actions. Overcoming procrastination is possible. It take deliberate action.

Your Nemesis

Foremost, you know what trips you up. Be honest with yourself. What’s your escape? Often procrastination is doing something more pleasurable instead of what we should be. We have to deal with the root. And, dealing with the some those things we ‘escape’ to can also be helpful.

Overcoming procrastination starts with identifying why you do it. It’s easy and difficult at the same time. Beyond what I can say here, you have your own keys if you’d just apply yourself. Let’s move on to other stuff that might be helpful in overcoming procrastination.


Overcoming procrastination starts with decisions over feelings. You must decide that you will not consult how you feel before taking action. This is where most people get stuck. I used to and sometimes still fall for this trap. I often don’t feel like doing what I should be.

The problem with feelings is that they’re more unreliable than reliable. Sometimes the feelings to get work done catch up with us when we’re in the doing. At other times they never show up. There are many things I’ve known to do and feelings have never showed up even at the end of the task.

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Though my feelings say they don’t like or want me to do some things at some times, I’m always more glad I did than not.


Setting an appointment is something that has proved helpful for me. In the same way I make appointments for important things I make appointments with myself. If something is that important for you, block out specific times to get it done.

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Getting to something, “this week”, “soon” or “next week” is not specific enough. Set the appointment: “on this day between these times I will attend to such and such…” When it is set in your diary treat it as you would an appointment with someone you respect and or love.

Once set, don’t consult your feelings and when the clock strikes, just get to it.


Overcoming procrastination starts with decisions of accountability. Sometimes it is easier to keep pushing things further away because no one is holding us to account. It can be helpful to have someone challenge your commitment to dare, or start something.

For overcoming procrastination, set tangible consequences with whomever you choose to hold you accountable. Doing accountability wrong could help your procrastination and strangle your vision or dream.

The Details

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Never plan to work on the strategy for X. What about the strategy will you start by working on? Overcoming procrastination is impossible in ambiguity. Be as specific as you can be. Focus on specific aspects of projects or pursuits so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and want to run.

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There are other things you can do to overcome procrastination. The ultimate solution to procrastination is just getting things done. Action. Get to it.

Dare. Start.