For any attempt, new or old, obstacles are inevitable. Expect them. Regardless of the endeavour, there are times you’ll feel like giving up. In fact, you will have many opportunities and real reasons to give up. Don’t. You will have enough material for excuses to throw in the towel. But how can you identify excuses? How do you tell that you’re getting yourself stuck in the realm of excuses? What is the nature of excuses?

Can Be True

Some excuses you could come up with are legitimate. Circumstances can be restrictive. But how do you tell the legitimate from a cop-out? It is not always easy. But, you can tell an excuse when it is something you keep repeating to yourself to justify giving up. When you obsess about why you can’t start or won’t dare, you’re in the excuses realm.


When nothing is bigger than the excuses. When you talk more about obstacles than you do about what you want to achieve or start. you’re in the realm of excuses. A lot of people have dreams and want to do but always focused on why they can’t or couldn’t. They live in the realm of excuses.

More Important

In the realm of excuses moaning is more important than mission. More time is spent on everything that went wrong or could go wrong. People full of excuses can also work themselves up into a frenzy from things that could happen to things that will never happen.

In the realm of excuses, it makes sense why something is impossible. The possible is overshadowed by the blinding light cast on the obstacles.

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They waste energy on complaints. Their focus is more about why something cannot be done than why their mission is important. Nothing significant is ever achieved in the realm of excuses.

It’s time for you to stop tolerating excuses. No one knows better than you, that you’ve stepped into that realm. No one, besides you, can get you out of that realm. Time to step out.

Dare. Start.

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