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most important thing about your idea

The Most Important Thing About Your Idea

I don’t know anyone with more ideas than me. I’m not saying there aren’t people with amazing ideas, I’m just saying I’ve never met anyone as many documented ideas as I do. Maybe I don’t know enough people. I have been to startup meet-ups and met many people doing amazing things. I’m never short of ideas for them as well. From speaking to many people, and my own experiences, I conclude there is one most important thing about your idea.

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dealing with lack of resources

Dealing With Lack Of Resources

I don’t need to know much about you but I know you have a lot of ideas and resources. And, I know that there are things you wish you could do but, for many reasons, can’t. You have more dreams than you have resources. There’s a lot you don’t have. If you’re going to make progress you have to apply yourself in dealing with lack of resources.

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overcoming procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

No doubt: the procrastination struggle is real. Procrastination keeps us from daring, from starting and doing things that matter. As long as we live in the procrastination realm, we’ll never realise much, if anything. Action is the ultimate procrastination antidote. But we can’t get to it without a few practical actions. Overcoming procrastination is possible. It take deliberate action.

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hello world

Hello World

The customary hello world post is in order. This is usually an introductory one. In a sense, setting the tone. I’ve learnt that blogs evolving and the essence of the message unfolding. This attempt, will, in no way be comprehensive.

I’ll do my best to give a gist, of sort. In case you haven’t already, also check out the about page. It is also not entirely what Dare. Start. is about but sheds light on some of the aspects of this endeavour.

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