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overcoming procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

No doubt: the procrastination struggle is real. Procrastination keeps us from daring, from starting and doing things that matter. As long as we¬†live in the procrastination realm, we’ll never realise much, if anything. Action is the ultimate procrastination antidote. But we can’t get to it without a few practical actions. Overcoming procrastination is possible. It take deliberate action.

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procrastination struggle is real

The Procrastination Struggle Is Real

A lot of things can get in the way of ‘the start’. A potentially potent dare¬†reduced to a whimper by many things. One of those ugly monsters is procrastination. The procrastination struggle is real. Procrastination results in failure without attempt. Like the old saying goes: it is a thief of time. More than a thief of time, it is the death-knell to many ideas and ventures.

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